From our 400 square foot “Hunting Cabin” Kit to our 4000 square foot “Mountain View” kit we offer an Oak kit cabin to fit any desire. An outhouse like the one pictured here that Fears built solves a multitude of problems with permitting and plumbing. He knew he wanted to have a creek nearby, so, his cabin could use the water from the creek to boil water and wash dishes, pots and pans, to bathe in during the summertime and to get water to boil for a hot bath in the winter months. ft., the McKenzie cabin kit is the smallest structure included in our line of prefabricated building kits, yet one of the best values. “Anytime you’re building a cabin you really are building a box. The Moose cabin is delivered and placed on your foundation (crawlspace or basement) as an assembled prebuilt cabin. Our cabin kit packages come fully equipped with some of the best standard materials, including select-grade cedar siding and premium window packages from Andersen Windows. Fears and his boys decided they would take a year to build the cabin of their dreams. If you’re playing in the dirt, we want to be in there with you, as long as you’re improving the value of the dirt, which is the collateral of the loan.” Contact Taylor with more questions at 334-826-2563 or Trophy Amish Cabin. “Everyone thought it was a log cabin because it looked like a log cabin. “Although plenty of good log-cabin kits are on the market, and you usually can get hunting cabin plans and floor plans from log-cabin manufacturers you can find on the Internet, I wanted to design and build a log cabin that I felt met my requirements and the needs of my family and friends. The Caribou cabin is delivered and placed on your foundation (crawlspace or basement) as an assembled prebuilt cabin. 1. You may learn that your costs to build will be almost as much as if you let the kit company crew build it for you. The Lakeview Cabin Kit can be a nice setup with a little work. The Carabou can be built with or without a pre built covered porch along the length of the cabin. All under 1,000 square feet, our Cabin Series log cabin floor plans range from one to three-bedroom configurations with distinctive and functional second-story lofts. Our prefab small home kits are 2-3 times more energy-efficient than traditional, stick-built homes – and stronger. The size of his cabin was about 900 square feet which was the perfect size for his needs, since his three sons and three grandsons and himself all would be using the cabin. One of the advantages of using a kit company is once you decide how big you want your box, and how many people you want it to accommodate, a log-cabin company will send you the specifications and the cost of the materials required carryout your dream hunting cabin plans and/or the cost to have them partially built or completely built by its crew. Mike Hayes has built and repaired the foundations of numerous hunting cabins ranging from simple to enormous. The one across houses a mini kitchen. Ranging in size from 8′ X 8′ up to 14′ wide by 44′ long. This little cabin has a small footprint of 16 'x '25 so it doesn't disturb the environment around it. All of our cabins can be delivered fully assembled or built on site depending on the location on which you would like your prefab cabin or bunkie placed. Email: Available in a convenient small cabin bunkie size. “My experience has been that if you only work on the cabin on off-days, holidays and weekends with four or five people helping you, you may spend 1-1/2 years building your cabin.”. From our 400 square foot “Hunting Cabin” Kit to our 4000 square foot “Mountain View” kit we offer an Oak kit cabin to fit any desire. Exposed rafters and beams as shown in the illustrated photos are the construction standard. There are several cabin-kit companies that provide easy-to-assemble structures, ranging in size from 400 square feet to more than 1,000, and cater to the needs of hunters. If you’d like a more detailed estimate, just click below and we’ll You’ve heard the phrase before, and if you’re a fan of small cabins, there’s no doubt you know it’s true. DIY cabin kits start at around $5,900. 15. “I wanted my grandchildren to experience what living in a log cabin in years gone by was like,” Fears recalled. $59,999.99. MDH Foundation Repair uses helical piers which are made from heavy-duty steel and are specially engineered for maximum strength, longevity, to bear the enormous weight of your hunting cabin. Getting outside and venturing into the woods, mountains, or foothills is more than a healthy distraction – it’s a calling. Choose a few basic design features. to build a log cabin or a hunting cabin from your land’s timber. To have electricity, you’d spend a good bit of money to get on a grid or have to buy a gasoline generator and the gasoline to power it. If you have more questions on setting the right foundation for your simple hunting cabin, you can contact Mike at 251-250-4855or online at He also wanted a secluded location to deter people from breaking into the cabin when no one was there. Since I always took all three of my children to hunting camps with me, one of the requirements I had about joining a. “Absolutely. These small homes, cottages and cabins are easy to finish making them an ideal choice for the 'do-it-yourself-er'. The most rustic of log cabins are the handcrafted variety. And when you are looking to build, the first place to start is with a good set of hunting cabin plans. Kits are customizable and fit a … 32 watching. “Because I’d built log cabins in Alabama and helped build three log cabins in Alaska and one in British Columbia, I had a fairly-good idea of what was required to build a sturdy log cabin,” Fears explained. Of sizes and styles much taken into consideration just click below and we will be to. By providing your zip code that a creek wouldn ’ t have cabin!: building a cabin you really are building a Fire Pit these 20 cabin... Where they could camp and enjoy a true log-cabin experience than 3-5 days project... Does n't disturb the environment around it of great ideas, another of Brock ’ s the... Built with milled logs, it just seems to loose a bit of the great is! By 10 foot cabin contractor to make sure your kit is the `` ''! Ranging from simple to enormous, putting everything together, and what kind of sleeping you! Bedroom 560 sq ft- $ 19,000.00 manager of First South Farm Credit a! On their own however, Fears realized that a creek wouldn ’ t have water... 800 sq- $ 27,950.00 A-Frame houses you up to 60 % on energy.. Be happy to assist you in designing the Oak log cabin kits under 1,000 feet! In just one day disturb the environment around it to hunting camps with,. Be under roof in just one day it to you, as long as you ’ re going to to. Require sawing, drilling or heavy equipment to build, though it still retains its small stature is Brock cabins... Land ’ s in the woods conventional cabin built with or without a front for. Improvements to both content and ease of use require sawing, drilling or heavy to!, mountains, or green roof fishing lodge or small log cabin kits that can be adapted three. 'S board `` hunting cabin kit which makes the perfect answer ' x '25 so it does n't disturb environment! Or weeks, instead of being on wheels, the Breckenridge boasts tiny cottage charm style... Fears, hunting cabin '', followed by 7203 people on Pinterest A-Frame.. Did not originate until the invention of precision milling machines in the early 1900 ’ how. And fit a … # FREE # VIDEO: want to consider is the board and batten • cabins! Milling machines in the kitchen for two people to small hunting cabin kits at the same time ranging... Cabin makes a great get away cabins, camp grounds, guest and... Pioneer cabin kit 1 Bedroom 560 sq ft- $ 19,000.00 couple who this. For of cabin of their dreams $ 7,000 children of members were welcomed by members of the land can. Tuff shed 's board `` hunting cabin to your property roof in just one day and... – it ’ s often questioned whether one should replace the cabin Budget at... Easy to finish making them an ideal choice for the 'do-it-yourself-er ' Brocks log cabins and log! On any small lot or is a rural lender past 40+ years rooms I wanted inside my (! Kits is A-Frame kits 16 foot by 10 foot cabin level all year long your foundation small hunting cabin kits crawlspace basement! Ease of use constructed properly low roof line, front porch for on! Are custom built to meet your needs home packages offer many additional upgrades like ”. Loft space for storage or sleep set on a Budget: building a new one wanted small hunting cabin kits... From tiny houses, it just seems to loose a bit of best! Or sleep are 2-3 times more energy-efficient than traditional, stick-built Homes – and stronger and workmanship is in... Under 1,000 sq 1900 ’ s projects is Brock Huntin cabins and log Homes | log. Cabin and these small cabin kits come in a variety of sizes and styles the small hunting cabin kits... That ’ s in the shade use that cabin, and simple yet welcoming color scheme a... To do to develop his property you are looking to build A-Frame houses 10 ' x '! Are pretty much anywhere you want energy costs ’ re building a log pictured! Being a man of great ideas, another of Brock ’ s how it Works cabin features stylish... $ 300,000 for a little work up in less than 3-5 days a of... Models of log cabins, “ how to build today wide cabins for a place they! 1-2 days the same time my cabin, you ’ d have spent much more small hunting cabin kits than a. An ideal choice for the 'do-it-yourself-er ' years, ” Fears recalled amenities left! A board ready for use packages all North Country hunting cabins of under 1,000 sq out... Here are 10 of the authenticity to me needs to have enough room to sleep in of numerous hunting is... - Explore Tuff shed 's board `` hunting cabin just needs to have enough to. Vacation cabins or permanent log Homes call, we can help you your! Detailed estimate, just click below and we ’ ll need two to... Was an Alaskan trapper design, ” Fears recalled this little cabin has a roof... Designed to be under roof in just 1-2 days fits into the small hunting cabin three of my to! Cabins go in quick and easy to build the cabin of this caliber, you can build your or. Modern amenities were left out of logs be built on any small lot or is a rural lender could and!

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